TV Doctor has been under new management since 2008. The new owner, Daniel Schilling, was trained in the DSTV arena by his Father, Werner. Werner was one of the first TV technicians in the country, before TV´s had even arrived in South Africa, and he has been at the forefront of the technology right through to the present day. All this knowledge has been passed on to Daniel, who now has an exceptionally well rounded knowledge of the industry.

TV Doctor aims to provide customers with a superior installation and service. Daniel has come into this industry from a computer networking background and has a vision of providing customers with the professional service levels akin to his former industry.


We have several teams which allow us to attend to each customer´s requirements quickly and easily. All of our teams work in groups comprising of two or more which allows them to make sure each other´s work is checked and completed to the customers satisfaction. This way of working together maximizes each team member´s performance and so each customer receives our team´s undivided attention.